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The Luck of Ginger Coffey (1964)

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Watch The Luck of Ginger Coffey movie online free - An out-of-work Irish immigrant in Montreal remains hopeful that his luck is about to change but his disillusioned family grow tired of his pigheadedness and instability.

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Runtime: 1:40:00

Released: 1964-09-21



Profile Pic morgan2979 says:
Grew up in Montreal, so lots of memories, then moved to Chelsea QC, just down the road from Crawley Films. I recommend the book "Getting Started" by William Weintraub (passed away Nov 6, 2017) for a great snapshot of Richler, Gallant, Moore and him getting started as writers.
Profile Pic todd matheson says:
Thank goodness. I like the Expo 67 bus ad.
Profile Pic John Barker says:
how could he be so stupid give up an assistant job, so he could get job he wasn't even sure to get,
Profile Pic Anna Meyer says:
NEVER delete this
Profile Pic Christopher Saunders says:
Thanks for uploading this great movie!
Profile Pic Paul Anthony says:
It's really a nice movie.Filmed in a Beautiful City. Mary Ure and Robert Shaw were both Irish, also. Sadly, she passed away very young and so did Robert Shaw. I wonder whatever happened to Libby McClintock, a local Canadian girl who played Paulie? BTW  the Reed Organization is an American Production Company; Crowley is Cana...
Profile Pic Christopher MacIntyre says:
Hey, Ginger, there's an opening for shark catcher in Amity!
Profile Pic James Anonymous says:
I've had my taste of unemployment over four decades of industrial work, and I agonized for Coffey when I saw this for the first time thirty years ago. This viewing was just as depressing, hooray for Shaw, & Ure, the best.
Profile Pic Arn Arn says:
Profile Pic Jerry Kitich says:
Thank you, thank you, I've been waiting years to see this again. Only saw this years ago on CBC. 

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