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Les lions (1928)

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Watch Les lions movie online free - Jean Gabin's second film.

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Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 1928-12-31



Profile Pic Serene Yates says:
When I flipped through the comments, I realized most of u guys love Tanner
Profile Pic Shanethefilmmaker says:
Surprisingly the MGM logo is the only logo that doesn't scare me.
Profile Pic I m jay mlg says:
1:14 jackie cartoon
Profile Pic Idaho Spud says:
I hate that LOUD roaring lion.  Makes me jump every time.  Why do they want to start a comedy, or anything other than a horror movie by scaring me?
Profile Pic I m jay mlg says:
Profile Pic I m jay mlg says:
Profile Pic I m jay mlg says:
Jackie 1:09
Profile Pic Delfina Fallin says:
This was very informative, but I was watching in anticipation to read something abt the other parts of the logo... I guess they are not important, huh? What's amazing to me is the BLACK FACE that no one seems to notice right under all of those darn lions. #MGM, I'm curious, can you explain the use of black face in your logo? I g...
Profile Pic sgste says:
The first few Slats roars seemed very non chalant. I liked those ones. A few going through seemed a lot more aggressive - wasn't for those so much. I like the current one (seen it a million times watching Stargate stuff) - never knew it was a digital roar though. Never gonna unhear it ever again...
Profile Pic Sofian Ahmad says:
I think the originaly is more better

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