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Les Affaires publiques (1934)

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Watch Les Affaires publiques movie online free - A slapstick comedy centered around two neighboring republics, Crogandia and Miremia, and the various disasters that befall the ceremonial unveiling of a statue, the launching of a ship, and the crash-landing of a Miremian pilot in Crogandian territory.

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Runtime: 00:25:00

Released: 1934-08-01



Profile Pic Eject Video says:
J' adore! I have a movie store (rental)  in So Paulo, Brasil, and i love Bresson and "Au Hazard Balthazar". I'd like you know my channel in youtube...
Profile Pic Firemind94 says:
Interesting. Anomalies like this are great for seeing another side of an artist. Many writers and directors use these 'sideline' projects to test ideas. It's a shame about he quality of the surviving copy as that can influence a persons view on a film.

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