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Gaslight (1944)

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Watch Gaslight movie online free - In the late 19th century, Paula Alquist is studying music in Italy, but ends up abandoning her classes because she's fallen in love with the gallant Gregory Anton. The couple marries and moves to England to live in a home inherited by Paula from her aunt, herself a famous singer, who was mysteriously murdered in the house ten years before. Though Paula is certain that she sees the house's gaslights dim every evening and that there are strange noises coming from the attic, Gregory convinces Paula that she's imagining things. Meanwhile, a Scotland Yard inspector, Brian Cameron, becomes sympathetic to Paula's plight.

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Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Crime

Runtime: 1:54:00

Released: 1944-05-04


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Profile Pic Visa Pm says:
where can I watch this?
Profile Pic Hutton Kindle says:
"What will it be, some soothing herbal tea? That might be just the thing. Let's say we spike it with Deludin"
Profile Pic Dana Pendley says:
I just watched the 1940 version here on YouTube, does anyone have a link to this version?
Profile Pic B Gail says:
* Gaslighting a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity.
Profile Pic Aben Rudy says:
Having nothing to do with the subject at hand, in 1978 Boyer committed suicide in Scottsdale, Arizona, two days after his wife died.
Profile Pic Ghostcupcake says:
We have this movie to thank for the "term". "Gas lighting" is actually employed a lot on sexual assault victims in court by lawyers. It's use is to make something "go away" or get control over another person. All by making them question their sanity to believe the memories that they have of certain events are "false" and the one...
Profile Pic Devi Ma says:
Profile Pic santacruzer says:
Trump is doing this America right now folks WAKE UP!
Profile Pic Kiwi Kim says:
Trump: Gaslighter in Chief. (No, I didn't mock a disabled reporter!)
Profile Pic Jon T says:
I actually saw and witnessed with my own eyes and ears this type of manipulation used on a female neighbor of mine.Her boyfriend managed somehow to convince her that she did not see him and another neighbor having sex! That she imagined it all because of her excessive drinking of alcohol which I knew he bought .I didn't know he...

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