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More of Me (2007)

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Watch More of Me movie online free - Alice is your typical modern woman, juggling her demanding roles as a mother of twins, a loving wife and a successful career woman. She struggles to keep all the balls in the air, until the day it all becomes too much for one person to handle and she splits into three separate versions of herself — each stepping in to take over part of her life. While at first the new Alices are perfect as the ultimate sexy wife, super mommy, and ultra-focused executive, Alice soon realizes that her whole self may be far greater than just her parts. She needs to get herself back together, and quickly.

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Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1:26:00

Released: 2007-06-17


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Profile Pic andrew dwiarto says:
how to watch this
Profile Pic lind4chul4 says:
I loved it!! Funny because it kind of is what happens when you r a mom trying to juggle all three sides of you...maybe not funny to someone that doesn't know what it feels like to live like this.. but you will one day understand.
Profile Pic Kian Dougherty says:
It was just very unfunny
Profile Pic charles junior says:
How so?
Profile Pic therock3314 says:
can someone upload this?
Profile Pic Kian Dougherty says:
This movie was pretty bad
Profile Pic William Keen says:
I tune tv shows

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