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Killer Weekend (2004)

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Watch Killer Weekend movie online free - A series of murders at a Santa Barbara beach house has three couples terrified for their own safety and pitted against one another. The murderer had to have been one of them.

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Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 1:32:00

Released: 2004-02-10



Profile Pic Sam says:
0:20 thanks me later
Profile Pic James Maxwell says:
It turned out to be an okay movie, but the cover art, tagline, and plot description were misleading. It was clearly meant to make the movie look like a body count/slasher film, but it is far from that. I felt mislead, but the movie was okay anyway. At least I only paid $4 for the Blu-ray.
Profile Pic NewYorkS4U says:
I have this on DVD, but I just found out that there's now a Blu-ray on this now. I like this movie, but I'm not sure if getting the Blu-ray version is necessary. What mislead me when I saw this was on 0:36 when you see Eric Roberts move his mouth. I thought that was part of the story, when it was just bad acting from Eric : \ Th...

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