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Jon Lord Beyond The Notes Live (2004)

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Watch Jon Lord Beyond The Notes Live movie online free - Beyond The Notes Live is a live performance of Jon Lord and band, recorded on 5 October 2004 at the Vulkanhalle (Cologne, Germany). Amongst others the following artists participated: Frida, Sam Brown, Miller Anderson and the Trondheim Solists. The concert is released on DVD by EMI during the fall of 2004.

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Runtime: 2:22:00

Released: 2004-11-01



Profile Pic Dusty Miller says:
Hello INKY,  you will love this Link
Profile Pic Pau Toledo says:
Te amo x siempre kerido Jon...tu msica vive y vivir x y para nosotros!!!
Profile Pic Diane Wallace says:
Met jon lord, went to his house in Hambledon just to leave him something to matk his birthday, next minute his parents came to the door and to our suprise asked us in for tea, jon was down the local pub with his keyboard technician) it was sunday lunch time, when he came back he gave us an hour of his time and answered all of ou...
Profile Pic says:
. . .
Profile Pic Robert bishop says:
So unfortunate that he's passed. Such a musical genious. I absolutely miss him. My favorite keyboard artist.
Profile Pic Al Beets says:
Jon you was the best RIP
Profile Pic Milos Dunjic says:
Despite all of the beauty of Jon Lord's music 5 idiots clicked 'not like' button ... nothing else to say
Profile Pic Miki says:
Spasibo za koncert 475 lajk+ podpiska;-)
Profile Pic Eric Boissiere says:
La classe
Profile Pic Vitaly Mamriev says:

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