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The Revengers (1972)

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Watch The Revengers movie online free - The life of peaceful rancher John Benedict is torn apart when his family is massacred by a gang of marauding outlaws and his farm is destroyed. He assembles a team of mean, lawless convicts to act as his posse as he pursues the gang responsible for the deaths of his loved ones.

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Genre: Action, Western, Crime

Runtime: 1:46:00

Released: 1972-06-21



Profile Pic Auzat-Magne says:
********************** La poursuite sauvage (1972) The Revengers (original title) | 1h 46min | Western | 19 April 1973 (Mexico) Director/Ralisateur : Daniel MANN see the cast here ; PAM ************************
Profile Pic James Smith says:
Whoever chose the soundtrack should be deported. Superbly STUPID ending.
Profile Pic Raymond Cancel says:
How many time are they going to make imitations of the Magnificent Seven? This one is a poor re-make! It seem like no one care about this people!This movie was terrible ,Holden needed a Check! Miss Hayward was wasted, At the end There was no indication that He was going back to her! It would been better if all of them been k...
Profile Pic tuberesu says:
Came out of the first five minutes of syrupy all American family crap, if that was how it was to go, no thanks."Wad is it maa" "It's a congressional medal of honour, given t' yor paa". Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
Profile Pic annesmith100 says:
left overs frm the WILD BUNCH.....AND NO ENDING!
Profile Pic Peter Durrant says:
it does not finish overlong peice of crap thanks for nothing
Profile Pic Boo Man says:
New Mexico landscape. Only illegals there now. Sad.
Profile Pic sexobscura says:
*SPOOKY//HOKEY* I'm ready for my close-up now
Profile Pic Peter Sawyer says:
SPOILERS! Don't Read If You Haven't Watched The Film! Not a bad western with plenty of action and an appropriate ending. Shooting Tarp while he was pathetic, chained up and just about to be hanged by the army was not what Holden wanted. He would no doubt have killed him in a fair fight, but killing him like a chained up animal ...
Profile Pic David Keir says:

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