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Le bleu des villes (1999)

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Watch Le bleu des villes movie online free - Solange is unhappy. She's a meter maid in Tours, working in the rain, subject to verbal abuse from those she cites. Her husband Patrick is consumed by the work of finishing their new house: carpet, tile, faucets. He's also a hothead, subjecting Sonange to tantrums. While she's often quiet and withdrawn, she longs to be a singer. When by chance she meets Mylène, an accomplished, beautiful Parisian writer she admires, Solange gives her a demo tape. Mylène is encouraging, a friendship of sorts develops, and when Solange despairs after a series of personal, emotional setbacks, she heads for Mylène's doorstep in Paris. Does a singing career await, and what about Patrick?

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Runtime: 1:41:00

Released: 1999-05-18



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