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Flight of Black Angel (1991)

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Watch Flight of Black Angel movie online free - A top US Air Force fighter pilot decides that his call sign of Black Angel means that he's a messenger of God. Freely committing murders as he goes, he steals a nuclear weapon and his plane. Taking a family hostage to help him, he works on bypassing the bomb's security lockouts so he can use it on the most sinful of American cities.

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Genre: Action, Thriller

Runtime: 1:55:00

Released: 1991-02-23


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Profile Pic doromamire says:
what are these pilots doing? why killing each other??
Profile Pic Christian Lannigan says:
Jerry Bossard is now my language arts teacher!
Profile Pic supermario2084 says:
Wow! I really want to see this now! Thanks for sharing. Haven's listened to your review yet because I haven't seen the movie and don't want to spoil anything. The trailer music is awesome, by the way!
Profile Pic Javier Sebastin Della Mea says:
Have I watched the whole movie?

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