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Shaheed (1965)

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Watch Shaheed movie online free - It is the year 1857 in India, a year that Sardar Ajit Singh, his wife, their children, including son, Bhagat, and their parents will never forget, for it was the day his brother, Kishan, sang out against the British, was arrested, escaped from prison, & has never been heard of again. This does have an impact on young Bhagat Singh's mind, so much so that when he grows up he joins the freedom fighting movement, being headed by Chandrashekar Azad. It is then that an unarmed freedom fighter, protesting the Simon Commission, is killed by Police. Bhagat, Chandrashekar, Shivram Rajguru, Sukhdev, and Jaygopal avenge this death by killing the Assistant of Commissioner Saunders. When a major police hunt is announced, they flee, especially Bhagat, as he has been identified as the Sikh with the turban. Bhagat takes off his turban, shaves off his beard, and continues to be active in the freedom movement...

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Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 1965-01-01



Profile Pic Col G S Rajput says:
Jai hind
Profile Pic JUDICIAL EXAM and LL.M. says:
jai hind jai bharat
Profile Pic Ravinder Singh Sangha says:
I have seen this film in cinema 4times

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