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How Long Is the Adventure (1987)

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Watch How Long Is the Adventure movie online free - In order to get some money Gianni Zappi tries to organize an insurance fraud by drowning his yacht.

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Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1:42:00

Released: 1987-12-23



Profile Pic Devina Amstadter says:
what's that name of that spy music at the beginning??????
Profile Pic Warvvolf says:
Worst code name ever.
Profile Pic thenamestheygivearedumb says:
My lord, the animation in this movie was much nicer than it even needed to be.
Profile Pic Veston Bruno says:
Brian Cummings was able to do the announcement for this since his Alvin work for Buena Vista Home Video.
Profile Pic sowisapigtobeexact2 says:
I always wonder why many YouTubers always put so many archive clips of that movie, is it like the most popular Chipmunk movie ever?
Profile Pic ChipmunkChipettes Rulez19 says:
I have this on VHS
Profile Pic Aymeric Desravines says:
So that's how the halloween sequels were distributed by Universal Studios Home Video.
Profile Pic David Bernal says:
Profile Pic Thaddeus chambers says:
See you at the finish line
Profile Pic Deirdre Bernal says:
This is a reissue version with Universal logo.

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