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How Long Is the Adventure (1987)

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Watch How Long Is the Adventure movie online free - In order to get some money Gianni Zappi tries to organize an insurance fraud by drowning his yacht.

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Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1:42:00

Released: 1987-12-23



Profile Pic Gary Woods II says:
One of my fav childhood movies!!!! Love the Chipmunks and Chipettes!
Profile Pic Pirate Gypsy says:
I STILL want a sparkly genie outfit and a baby penguin
Profile Pic Jack Sanborn says:
Flying through the airways Making the right stops Through a storybook of places Making all our drops See the cliffs of Dover And over to the right Are the snowy white-capped Alps Majestic, standing bright Hey don't ya know that we're off to see the world We're off to find our dreams Why are our hearts beating so fast Why is th...
Profile Pic Matthew Nicholas says:
Profile Pic Andrea Castillo says:
This movie was one of my favorites as a kid. I'm almost 30 and i still thnk it's great. That baby penguin bit hits me harder since i'm a mom now. I jst hope my son loves this movie like i do.
Profile Pic Ian Mulig says:
i searched for this on a whim. and HERE IT IS!!!! AAAHH! CHILDHOOD RELIVED!
Profile Pic Aimee Kohler says:
I'm 40 and must say this is one of my Favorite Movies and I love the songs all of them
Profile Pic JP X says:
Thank you for uploading this wonderful movie. I have been wanting to see it again, for years. Thank the Lord for YouTube.
Profile Pic Maria E. Ibanez says:
The 3dislikes come from you
Profile Pic Trident SKUM says:
The police chase was amazing, yet short, my favorite scene

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