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Book Revue (1946)

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Watch Book Revue movie online free - A secluded bookstore comes to life in madcap, pop culture reference-heavy fashion.

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Genre: Animation, Family, Comedy

Runtime: 00:07:00

Released: 1946-01-05



Profile Pic fun time says:
I have read this novel in class 7.
Profile Pic JohnHarvey Gepiga says:
I'm currently reading the novel and this trailer helped me to picture everything in my mind.
Profile Pic Haya Tube says:
I take this story at my school
Profile Pic Shiekha 7 says:
I have " the rise of novel " class and our teacher told as about the most interesting novel I have ever heard of and here I am here to see the movie because I couldn't find the novel in the library I just hope that this movie will be as good as she described the novel
Profile Pic carlotta4th says:
Great expectations was a very boring book but the wedding dress lady and her daughter were the best part of it--if they make a movie focusing more on that and less on the 200 pages of Pip slowly going into debt it will be a TREMENDOUS step up. I'm all for this!
Profile Pic Star Cherry says:
It was so hard to understand their accents sometimes I needed subtitles sometimes
Profile Pic KorniuxseLTU says:
lol I pressed this cuz I thought this was another part of Harry Potter
Profile Pic Kittyslap Softpaw says:
Profile Pic Angel Ch says:
i just finished watching the movie . it was unexpectedly great i loved it very much
Profile Pic Reshme Subramaniam says:
I didn't recognise Hagrid at first...but he looks so different without the beard!!!

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