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Book Revue (1946)

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Watch Book Revue movie online free - A secluded bookstore comes to life in madcap, pop culture reference-heavy fashion.

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Genre: Animation, Family, Comedy

Runtime: 00:07:00

Released: 1946-01-05



Profile Pic snowbelle74 says:
It is the castle itself which is the central character in Gormenghast
Profile Pic Eliot Drake says:
The looming, ponderous Gormenghast castle is the surreal setting of a lucid dream (nightmare) one can revisit over and over again.
Profile Pic Sean Zarba says:
You have no idea how much I love Gormenghast. I've watched the BBC series over and over, too. xD
Profile Pic Quiana Daubert says:
Thank you for this excellent review I would love to see you review the next two books; Gormenghast and Titus Alone. If you enjoyed Titus Groan then you will really appreciate the next two books, I loved them especially Titus Alone!
Profile Pic villaparis2 says:
It's a work of genius
Profile Pic Pocari Suit says:
not one character in these books is anything less than insane (or downright sinister), excepting the villagers. I love the change in tone in the passages about the villagers, it becomes so much more romantic, almost humorously so.
Profile Pic tubee103 says:
It is nearly impossible to convey what the Titus Groan/Gormenghast books really are.My copy has several essays in it about the book..It is just absolutely Glorious and unique in the world of literature, 
Profile Pic leoperarm says:
Nice review! Sounds like something I'd like. Other than Rothfuss, would you compare his style to any other's? I like this lyrical, beautifully crafted language that you mention in regards to this book.
Profile Pic Sean Bell says:
And, unique! Thanks for the review,excellent as always.

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