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Genesis: Abacab (1981)

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Watch Genesis: Abacab movie online free - Abacab - CD / SACD / DVD Abacab / No Reply At All / Me And Sarah Jane / Keep It Dark / Dodo/Lurker / Who Dunnit? / Man On The Corner / Like It Or Not / Another Record / DVD Extras - Abacab (Promo Video) / No Reply At All (Promo Video) / Keep It Dark (Promo Video) / Man On The Corner (Promo Video) / Abacab Reissues Interview (Video)

Genesis: Abacab Poster

Genre: Music

Runtime: 00:47:00

Released: 1981-09-14


Genesis: Duke PosterGenesis: Trespass PosterGenesis: Nursery Cryme PosterGenesis: Foxtrot PosterGenesis: We Can't Dance PosterGenesis: Selling England by the Pound PosterGenesis: Genesis PosterGenesis: Calling All Stations PosterGenesis: A Trick of the Tail PosterGenesis: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway PosterGenesis: And Then There Were Three PosterGenesis: Wind & Wuthering PosterGenesis: Invisible Touch Poster


Profile Pic IGrewup StillDeontefrombladensburg100 says:
I love No Reply At All Man In The Corner and Keep It Dark Me & Sarah Jane best songs off the album DoDo/Luker all those good songs I love some Genesis.
Profile Pic ye n says:
Propa genesis -  LileighWhiteLilith
Profile Pic Cono Tur says:
Profile Pic Bill Hamdani says:
all of you are arguing shits.
Profile Pic aNNUnakis says:
Some asshole can say that KEEP IT DARK or MAN ON THE CORNER are "pop"songs ??
Profile Pic ye n says:
Awful album, The lamb is the best album.
Profile Pic Poly Orchid says:
All Coppers Are Bastards.
Profile Pic Paul D says:
I'm ashamed to admit, and shocked to realize, that I haven't listened to this album in over 20 years. But with fresh ears, I can say that Abacab is a nice book end to Then There Were Three, with Duke in between. I can hear so much of TTWT & Duke, with varying amounts of production. Hell, I caught a couple of hints of Trick of th...
Profile Pic Ducksoup67 says:
Soundtrack to my Freshman year in high school. Genesis got a little schlocky after this... but man I love their early stuff (Gabriel and 2 or 3 albums post Gabriel). All of Gabriel's stuff is money - he was the true heart of the band. Nothing comes close to The Lamb Lies Down...
Profile Pic John Stewart says:
Cant go wrong with Abacab, Genesis, and Invisible Touch for Pop Genesis! We Cant Dance isnt very good at all though...

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