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Genesis: Abacab (1981)

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Watch Genesis: Abacab movie online free - Abacab - CD / SACD / DVD Abacab / No Reply At All / Me And Sarah Jane / Keep It Dark / Dodo/Lurker / Who Dunnit? / Man On The Corner / Like It Or Not / Another Record / DVD Extras - Abacab (Promo Video) / No Reply At All (Promo Video) / Keep It Dark (Promo Video) / Man On The Corner (Promo Video) / Abacab Reissues Interview (Video)

Genesis: Abacab Poster

Genre: Music

Runtime: 00:47:00

Released: 1981-09-14


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Profile Pic Pik4Joel says:
coolness!!! bongos mean suspense!!!
Profile Pic Kelly S says:
Absolutely Great!
Profile Pic Daria Iglesias says:
despues de mas de 30 aos lo sigo escuchando. Esto la dice todo!! Genesis con COLLINS o Gabriel es genial
Profile Pic MrSquonkster says:
"A steaming pile of shitwank"
Profile Pic Dan Kryskalla says:
Was studying Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan in 1981 and the local English language radio station ICR played this endlessly along with Betty Davis eyes. I like this better.
Profile Pic Irfan Khawaja says:
The best proof of the greatness of this album is that even if you listen to it while reading the most idiotic of the comments below, the music so thoroughly drowns out the idiocy that you're left in the end with nothing but joy.
Profile Pic Ricardo Basurto says:
Profile Pic Aden Rison says:
The Art Rock, Spectaculair , and the legend band...
Profile Pic John Zattor says:
My first album that I liked, i.loved no.reply at all. But once I heard the whole album became a fan and was hooked. Saw the them 5 yrs later
Profile Pic alex Rodriguez says:
This is a good album Phil is such a great drummer I like all of Genesis with Pete and Phil I like Phil a little more

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