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I Am a Groupie (1970)

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Watch I Am a Groupie movie online free - A bored teenage girl decides that she wants to meet rock stars, and the best way to do that is to become a groupie. She finds herself going on the road with a rock band called Opal Butterfly, and soon discovers that being a rock band's groupie isn't as glamorous or exciting as she thought it would be.

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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:26:00

Released: 1970-12-01


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Profile Pic holydiver73 says:
Despite what the credits say, this song was not Opal Butterfly. This one of the songs written by Peter Lee Stirling and Dave Byron, (yes, the same Dave Byron from Uriah Heep). Peter Lee Stirling is the singer and actually does sound quite a lot like Byron too. And I can't find a recorded copy of this annoyingly brilliant catc...
Profile Pic canturgan says:
I've never heard of this and I'm from those days.
Profile Pic Chris Wolfe says:
@1:37 dude almost get run over by the Band. They still released the trailer with evidence?
Profile Pic tompaah7503 says:
Is this a sex flick for transit van fans?
Profile Pic Brian Clarke says:
From the looks of that van, I'm assuming the band wasn't of Led Zepellin status. Likable song BTW.
Profile Pic leefyboodle says:
My Dad played Jim...He was the first band which the "groupie ran off with"...This band was English Rose and YES they were a real band...I've just been listening to a load of their stuff recently....The were with EMI i think...Not sure how much stuff was released though....It premiered at the windmill theartre in londons soho i t...
Profile Pic vampyros1 says:
I'd ask 2 Q's: what the F is the name of this song? And also, to help with the relative esoterica of your levity, what in tarnation is RAC an acronym for?? Pls. advise!
Profile Pic vampyros1 says:
Nope...credits say music by 'Opal Butterfly' FWIW-
Profile Pic vampyros1 says:
Yea, I agree...that was a setup for discerning viewers to get a kick out of. I'm guessin' that the bus driver would have STOPPED had he really hit somebody...'rolling' or not-
Profile Pic DirkjeA says:
Whaa what a little spitefull person you must be, stating a comment like this. I happen to like it and I am not even a hippie, but they must have been much nicer as a person than you are.

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