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Where Have All the People Gone (1974)

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Watch Where Have All the People Gone movie online free - A strange series of solar flares proves fatal for inhabitants of the Earth, except for the fortunate few who are somehow immune from the effects. Animals go insane and human beings turn to white powder, leaving behind only empty clothing. A handful of survivors attempt to rebuild their lives on the de-populated Earth.

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Genre: Science Fiction, Drama

Runtime: 1:14:00

Released: 1974-01-01



Profile Pic cowscrazy says:
I keep expecting him to ask that kid if he has seen a grown man naked.. or if he likes movies about Gladiators
Profile Pic TheF8ofman says:
Oh yea, the ABC Friday Night Movie and staying up until after 10:00! The smokes behind the checkout stand at the supermarket... good stuff..
Profile Pic Daniel Wallace says:
I wanted to watch this, but the audio is terrible. :(
Profile Pic Mary F says:
We are not told all the truth when it comes to GMO's and all the chemicals they put in our foods.  It would be nice if everyone knew how to live off the land and to know what's safe to eat.
Profile Pic D. White says:
Great movies and surprisingly shot in New Zealand by the looks.
Profile Pic michael wayne says:
what a load of shite....all the best from the uk
Profile Pic dave lee says:
Dad, he's getting worse, what should we do ? Clancy must be overheating, take all his clothes off and I'll give him a Turkish prison camp bath ! Roger Dad !
Profile Pic Existentialist says:
31:11 This whole scene was ripped by Aliens.
Profile Pic BLAIR M Schirmer says:
dpi, motherfucker!!! DO YOU SPEAK IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Profile Pic BLAIR M Schirmer says:
"Don't look at the white powder! Don't look at the powwwwwwwwderrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

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