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Samson & Delilah (1985)

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Watch Samson & Delilah movie online free - Gory indonesian version of "Samson & Dalilah", starring Suzanna, the indonesian scream queen and directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra (the psycho who made Jaka Sembung, among others). In fact, this works like a rip off of Jaka Sembung but with Samson instead of Jaka. Gore and cheesyness for everybody!!!

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Genre: Drama, Foreign

Runtime: 00:00:00

Released: 1985-01-01



Profile Pic Paige Marie says:
Y'all saying Samson was black, tell me, where in the Bible does it say this?
Profile Pic Spanish Armada says:
Samson had dreadlocks which gave him strength through the grace of God.
Profile Pic Omar Johnson says:
Samson was black not wite
Profile Pic Stephanie Knaus says:
It's just an adaptation everyone settle down - I for one can't wait to see it and I respect anyone's take on something - its interesting to see the differences from scripture to film - it's entertaining which is it's purpose and if it gets someone interested in picking up the Bible and reading then bonus it's a win win
Profile Pic Gandolf says:
Does the whole world have to be black...enjoy all colors God does.
Profile Pic Gandolf says:
Profile Pic Evan cole I. says:
7 locks Congos I dont see no dreads pon de man head
Profile Pic Evan cole I. says:
Samson has dreads and hes a black man not white it says he has locks in the Bible not stringy hair
Profile Pic Veysel Aydin says:
omg worse movie I ever watch what a waste of $20
Profile Pic M B says:
To the earlier comment regarding John 7:24 Judge not by looks. Er no, its a visual film with sub par actors and dodgy special effects. I seriously doubt it will be of the standard of Exodus or Passion of Christ.

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