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The 13th Alley (2008)

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Watch The 13th Alley movie online free - A group of college kids go after-hours bowling. The fun is suddenly halted when abnormal things begin happening on the 13th alley. Everyone runs to escape, but all exits have been boarded up! Who is out for revenge?

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Genre: Horror

Runtime: 1:20:00

Released: 2008-06-13



Profile Pic Manonthe3up says:
Pyramid Head, what did they do to you!?
Profile Pic David MKORS says:
Where can i buy this ?
Profile Pic nbbrox32508 says:
that might be tough for matt to see
Profile Pic Mary B says:
well i watch it and it was good. just my opinion:)
Profile Pic cutupyo says:
I have to agree with you there, DizzyFLIPPINd. This movie really made up for all the crappy movies that came out this year. The Dark Knight? HA, yeah right. Hulk? Doesn't stand a chance. While they don't have the money to make this a five star movie, it's going to be an indie hit. BANK ON IT.
Profile Pic mizzylizzywilly willy says:
I can't wait to watch Shayne in many more movies or show...maybe 'Notting Hill Two'
Profile Pic hilarylover17 says:
omg!!!! im sooooooooooo excited!!!!! ive been waiting s long for a trailer!

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