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Fear(s) of the D... (2008)

Fear(s) of the Dark Poster

Fear(s) of the Dark (2008)

Several scary black-and-white animated segments in different styles appeal to our fear(s) of the dar...

Rated: 6.8 / Added: 2008-01-01 / Language: fr

Marrakech Expres... (1989)

Marrakech Express Poster

Marrakech Express (1989)

In una fredda sera di novembre, a casa di Marco arriva una ragazza spagnola, Teresa con un misterios...

Rated: 7.4 / Added: 1989-11-01 / Language: it

The Atomic Subma... (1959)

The Atomic Submarine Poster

The Atomic Submarine (1959)

Ships disappear on route across the Arctic Sea, and a special submarine is sent to investigate.

Rated: 5.6 / Added: 1959-11-29 / Language: en

August Undergrou... (2001)

August Underground Poster

August Underground (2001)

Imagine walking down the street and finding an unmarked VHS tape. Curiosity peaked, you take it home...

Rated: 3.4 / Added: 2001-01-01 / Language: en

Oscar and the La... (2009)

Oscar and the Lady in Pink Poster

Oscar and the Lady in Pink (2009)

Listening in to a conversation between his doctor and parents, 10-year-old Oscar learns what nobody ...

Rated: 6.7 / Added: 2009-11-15 / Language: en

Toyland (2007)

Toyland Poster

Toyland (2007)

On a winter morning, a mother goes to waken her son Heinrich; his bed is empty. She leaves her flat ...

Rated: 6.4 / Added: 2007-08-29 / Language: de

H2O Just Add Wat... (2011)

H2O Just Add Water - The Movie Poster

H2O Just Add Water - The Movie (2011)

When three normal teenage girls stumble upon a ancient cave they undergo a transformation that will ...

Rated: 6.4 / Added: 2011-10-10 / Language: en

Ab-normal Beauty (2004)

Ab-normal Beauty Poster

Ab-normal Beauty (2004)

Jiney, an art and photography student, but despite winning an award, she remains unhappy with the wo...

Rated: 6.2 / Added: 2004-11-04 / Language: cn

Super GALS! (2001)

Super GALS! Poster

Super GALS! (2001)

Couldn't locate an overview.

Rated: n/a / Added: 2001-04-01 / Language: en

Sherlock: The Ly... (2017)

Sherlock: The Lying Detective Poster

Sherlock: The Lying Detective (2017)

Couldn't locate an overview.

Rated: n/a / Added: 2017-01-08 / Language: en