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William V. Mong

Birthday: 1875-06-25
Deathday: 1940-12-10
Place of Birth: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
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List of William V. Mong's Movies

Seven Footprints to Satan Thumbnail

Seven Footprints to Satan (1929)

Played as: The Professor

Released on: 1929-01-27

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Treasure Island Thumbnail

Treasure Island (1934)

Played as: Pew

Released on: 1934-08-17

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The Sign of the Cross Thumbnail

The Sign of the Cross (1932)

Played as: Licinius

Released on: 1932-11-30

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The Mayor of Hell Thumbnail

The Mayor of Hell (1933)

Played as: Mr. Walter

Released on: 1933-06-24

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What Price Glory Thumbnail

What Price Glory (1926)

Played as: Cognac Pete

Released on: 1926-11-23

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Cross-Examination Thumbnail

Cross-Examination (1932)

Played as: Emory Wells

Released on: 1932-02-13

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Stand-In Thumbnail

Stand-In (1937)

Played as: Cyrus Pettypacker

Released on: 1937-10-29

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The Wayne Murder Case Thumbnail

The Wayne Murder Case (1932)

Played as: Silas Wayne

Released on: 1932-11-20

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Crazy Like a Fox Thumbnail

Crazy Like a Fox (1926)

Played as: George

Released on: 1926-08-26

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Dancing Pirate Thumbnail

Dancing Pirate (1936)

Played as: Tecolote (Old Indian)

Released on: 1936-05-22

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The Girl Said No Thumbnail

The Girl Said No (1930)

Played as: Mr. Ward

Released on: 1930-03-15

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The Dark Hour Thumbnail

The Dark Hour (1936)

Played as: Henry Carson

Released on: 1936-02-17

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Oh, Doctor! Thumbnail

Oh, Doctor! (1925)

Played as: Mr. McIntosh

Released on: 1925-02-23

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The Narrow Corner Thumbnail

The Narrow Corner (1933)

Played as: Jack Swan

Released on: 1933-07-07

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Women Won't Tell Thumbnail

Women Won't Tell (1932)

Played as: Elias Moorehouse

Released on: 1932-11-16

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Dark Hazard Thumbnail

Dark Hazard (1934)

Played as: Plummer, Hotel Owner

Released on: 1934-02-03

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In Gay Madrid Thumbnail

In Gay Madrid (1930)

Played as: Rivas

Released on: 1930-05-17

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No More Orchids Thumbnail

No More Orchids (1932)

Played as: Burkehart

Released on: 1932-11-25

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Massacre Thumbnail

Massacre (1934)

Played as: Grandy

Released on: 1934-01-20

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Monte Cristo Thumbnail

Monte Cristo (1922)

Played as: Caderousse, the innkeeper

Released on: 1922-09-03

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The Yellow Traffic Thumbnail

The Yellow Traffic (1914)

Played as: Capt. Rawley

Released on: 1914-06-09

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Lost and Found on a South Sea Island Thumbnail

Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (1923)

Played as: Skinner

Released on: 1923-02-17

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Noah's Ark Thumbnail

Noah's Ark (1928)

Played as: Innkeeper / Guard

Released on: 1928-11-01

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The County Fair Thumbnail

The County Fair (1920)

Played as: Solon Hammerhead

Released on: 1920-09-05

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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Thumbnail

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1921)

Played as: Merlin the Magician

Released on: 1921-03-13

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Lilly Turner Thumbnail

Lilly Turner (1933)

Played as: Honest Druggest

Released on: 1933-05-13

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The Delicious Little Devil Thumbnail

The Delicious Little Devil (1919)

Played as: Larry McKean

Released on: 1919-05-01

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Strike Me Pink Thumbnail

Strike Me Pink (1936)

Played as: Professor Hendricks

Released on: 1936-01-24

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Eleanor's Catch Thumbnail

Eleanor's Catch (1916)

Played as: Flash Dacy

Released on: 1916-07-01

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Let Us Live Thumbnail

Let Us Live (1939)

Played as: Joe Taylor, Sr.

Released on: 1939-03-29

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Whispering Smith Speaks Thumbnail

Whispering Smith Speaks (1935)

Played as: Blake

Released on: 1935-05-14

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The Clown Thumbnail

The Clown (1927)

Played as: Albert Wells

Released on: 1927-09-12

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Alias the Lone Wolf Thumbnail

Alias the Lone Wolf (1927)

Played as: Whitaker Monk

Released on: 1927-08-22

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The Florentine Dagger Thumbnail

The Florentine Dagger (1935)

Played as: Fishback

Released on: 1935-03-30

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The Strong Man Thumbnail

The Strong Man (1926)

Played as: 'Holy Joe'

Released on: 1926-11-19

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Love Bound Thumbnail

Love Bound (1932)

Played as: Verna's crooked lawyer

Released on: 1932-03-01

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The Vampire Bat Thumbnail

The Vampire Bat (1933)

Played as: Sauer

Released on: 1933-01-21

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Shoes Thumbnail

Shoes (1916)

Played as: 'Cabaret' Charlie

Released on: 1916-06-26

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Gun Smoke Thumbnail

Gun Smoke (1931)

Played as: 'Strike' Jackson

Released on: 1931-04-10

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House of Horror Thumbnail

House of Horror (1929)

Played as: Mystery Man

Released on: 1929-04-27

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Up the Ladder Thumbnail

Up the Ladder (1925)

Played as: Richards

Released on: 1925-05-02

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