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Willy Peters

Birthday: 1915-01-31
Deathday: 1976-08-13
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Biography: Sorry, there is no bio found at this time. Read at TMDB.

List of Willy Peters's Movies

Åsa-Nisse på jaktstigen Thumbnail

Åsa-Nisse på jaktstigen (1950)

Played as: Klöverhage

Released on: 1950-09-11

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Jungfrun på Jungfrusund Thumbnail

Jungfrun på Jungfrusund (1949)

Played as: Boman

Released on: 1949-10-27

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En förtjusande fröken Thumbnail

En förtjusande fröken (1945)

Played as: Henry Berger

Released on: 1945-12-26

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Åsa-Nisse på hal is Thumbnail

Åsa-Nisse på hal is (1954)

Played as: Klöverhage

Released on: 1954-09-10

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Försök inte med mej..! Thumbnail

Försök inte med mej..! (1946)

Played as: Fritiof Flodén

Released on: 1946-02-02

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Ombyte av tåg Thumbnail

Ombyte av tåg (1943)

Played as: Actor

Released on: 1943-01-30

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När syrenerna blomma Thumbnail

När syrenerna blomma (1952)

Played as: John Weijner

Released on: 1952-02-04

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Karl för sin hatt Thumbnail

Karl för sin hatt (1940)

Played as: Bengt

Released on: 1940-08-23

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Som folk är mest Thumbnail

Som folk är mest (1944)

Played as: Fillebom

Released on: 1944-09-09

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Mot nya tider Thumbnail

Mot nya tider (1939)

Played as: Per Albin Hansson

Released on: 1939-11-06

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Kronans käcka gossar Thumbnail

Kronans käcka gossar (1940)

Played as: 45 Viktor Bengtsson

Released on: 1940-01-15

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Hans Nåds testamente Thumbnail

Hans Nåds testamente (1940)

Played as: Roger

Released on: 1940-12-26

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Fear Has 1000 Eyes Thumbnail

Fear Has 1000 Eyes (1970)

Played as: Gustaf, Police Officer

Released on: 1970-09-28

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Åh en så'n grabb Thumbnail

Åh en så'n grabb (1939)

Played as: Carl-Bertil Blomberg

Released on: 1939-10-25

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Livet på landet Thumbnail

Livet på landet (1943)

Played as: Fritz

Released on: 1943-11-29

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Den ljusnande framtid Thumbnail

Den ljusnande framtid (1941)

Played as: Borg

Released on: 1941-02-10

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Fattiga riddare Thumbnail

Fattiga riddare (1944)

Played as: Gambler

Released on: 1944-12-26

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Nana Thumbnail

Nana (1970)

Played as:

Released on: 1970-11-09

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Sussie Thumbnail

Sussie (1945)

Played as: Oscar

Released on: 1945-08-13

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