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Adolf Jahr

Birthday: 1893-06-24
Deathday: 1964-04-19
Place of Birth: Sundsvall, Västernorrlands län, Sweden
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List of Adolf Jahr's Movies

Oss baroner emellan Thumbnail

Oss baroner emellan (1939)

Played as: Gustaf Adolf Leijoncloo

Released on: 1939-12-26

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Just a Trumpeter Thumbnail

Just a Trumpeter (1938)

Played as: Adolf Berg

Released on: 1938-08-26

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När mörkret faller Thumbnail

När mörkret faller (1960)

Played as: Connie Lundgren

Released on: 1960-12-26

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Rannstensungar Thumbnail

Rannstensungar (1944)

Played as: Johan Fahlen

Released on: 1944-12-18

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Spöket på Bragehus Thumbnail

Spöket på Bragehus (1936)

Played as: Einar Hård

Released on: 1936-11-25

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Robinson i Roslagen Thumbnail

Robinson i Roslagen (1948)

Played as: Alfred Söderman

Released on: 1948-09-25

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Karl för sin hatt Thumbnail

Karl för sin hatt (1940)

Played as: Ola Hansson

Released on: 1940-08-23

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En sjöman i frack Thumbnail

En sjöman i frack (1942)

Played as: Allan Linde / Fritjof Karlsson

Released on: 1942-02-22

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Lars Hård Thumbnail

Lars Hård (1948)

Played as: Johan Hård

Released on: 1948-08-30

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Värmlänningarna Thumbnail

Värmlänningarna (1958)

Played as: Löpar-Nisse Jonsson

Released on: 1958-11-27

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Storm över Tjurö Thumbnail

Storm över Tjurö (1954)

Played as: Karl Oskar Bohm

Released on: 1954-07-19

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Hemsöborna Thumbnail

Hemsöborna (1944)

Played as: Carlsson

Released on: 1944-03-13

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Bröderna Östermans huskors Thumbnail

Bröderna Östermans huskors (1945)

Played as: Kalle Österman

Released on: 1945-09-20

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Adolf Klarar Skivan Thumbnail

Adolf Klarar Skivan (1938)

Played as: Adolf Jansson

Released on: 1938-01-01

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While the City Sleeps Thumbnail

While the City Sleeps (1950)

Played as: Iris' Father

Released on: 1950-09-08

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Miljonär för en dag Thumbnail

Miljonär för en dag (1926)

Played as: Robert Kvick, sailor

Released on: 1926-01-23

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Samvetsömma Adolf Thumbnail

Samvetsömma Adolf (1936)

Played as: Adolf Berg

Released on: 1936-01-13

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Swing it, magistern! Thumbnail

Swing it, magistern! (1940)

Played as: Bergman

Released on: 1940-12-21

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Pettersson & Bendel Thumbnail

Pettersson & Bendel (1933)

Played as: Karl-Johan Pettersson

Released on: 1933-09-17

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Sköna Susanna och gubbarna Thumbnail

Sköna Susanna och gubbarna (1959)

Played as: Fjärdingsman

Released on: 1959-10-19

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Adolf Armstarke Thumbnail

Adolf Armstarke (1937)

Played as: Adolf Turesson / Adolf Armstarke of Thureholm

Released on: 1937-01-01

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