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Gull Natorp

Birthday: 1880-01-10
Deathday: 1962-04-30
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Biography: Sorry, there is no bio found at this time. Read at TMDB.

List of Gull Natorp's Movies

Smiles of a Summer Night Thumbnail

Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)

Played as: Malla

Released on: 1955-12-26

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Oss baroner emellan Thumbnail

Oss baroner emellan (1939)

Played as: Victoria Sällberg

Released on: 1939-12-26

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I mörkaste Småland Thumbnail

I mörkaste Småland (1943)

Played as: Kristin

Released on: 1943-10-25

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The Family Björck Thumbnail

The Family Björck (1940)

Played as: Inga

Released on: 1940-01-20

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Rospiggar Thumbnail

Rospiggar (1942)

Played as: Stava Karlsson

Released on: 1942-09-03

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Ombyte av tåg Thumbnail

Ombyte av tåg (1943)

Played as: Rut Lundell

Released on: 1943-01-30

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Flickan från Backafall Thumbnail

Flickan från Backafall (1953)

Played as: Vicar's wife

Released on: 1953-03-02

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Kungen kommer Thumbnail

Kungen kommer (1936)

Played as: Adèle Löwencreutz

Released on: 1936-03-23

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Playing Truant Thumbnail

Playing Truant (1949)

Played as: Agda Karlsson

Released on: 1949-08-15

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A Little Flirt Thumbnail

A Little Flirt (1934)

Played as: Mrs Wilder

Released on: 1934-01-29

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Crime in the Sun Thumbnail

Crime in the Sun (1947)

Played as: Maid

Released on: 1947-12-01

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Robinson i Roslagen Thumbnail

Robinson i Roslagen (1948)

Played as: Katrina

Released on: 1948-09-25

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The Girl and the Devil Thumbnail

The Girl and the Devil (1944)

Played as: Woman asked to buy a skirt

Released on: 1944-10-30

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Hoppsan! Thumbnail

Hoppsan! (1955)

Played as: Mrs Beda

Released on: 1955-09-03

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Karl för sin hatt Thumbnail

Karl för sin hatt (1940)

Played as: Betty Bergström

Released on: 1940-08-23

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Kristin kommenderar Thumbnail

Kristin kommenderar (1946)

Played as: Hanna, deaf patient

Released on: 1946-09-02

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Snurriga familjen Thumbnail

Snurriga familjen (1940)

Played as: Augusta Welander

Released on: 1940-08-18

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The Firebird Thumbnail

The Firebird (1952)

Played as: Tilda

Released on: 1952-08-11

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Främlingen från skyn Thumbnail

Främlingen från skyn (1956)

Played as:

Released on: 1956-02-27

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Saltstänk och krutgubbar Thumbnail

Saltstänk och krutgubbar (1946)

Played as: Johanna

Released on: 1946-10-28

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Fram för lilla Märta Thumbnail

Fram för lilla Märta (1945)

Played as: Borgmästarinnan Granlund född Riddarsporre

Released on: 1945-09-29

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One Fiancé at a Time Thumbnail

One Fiancé at a Time (1952)

Played as: fru Stockman, Arnes mor

Released on: 1952-05-04

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Den vita katten Thumbnail

Den vita katten (1950)

Played as: Otti Pattkull

Released on: 1950-12-25

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Den vita katten Thumbnail

Den vita katten (1950)

Played as: Otti Patkull

Released on: 1950-12-25

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Stampen Thumbnail

Stampen (1955)

Played as: Landlady

Released on: 1955-02-28

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Livet på landet Thumbnail

Livet på landet (1943)

Played as: Mrs. Berger

Released on: 1943-11-29

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Den ljusnande framtid Thumbnail

Den ljusnande framtid (1941)

Played as: Mrs. Norrman

Released on: 1941-02-10

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