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Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Birthday: 1909-12-09
Deathday: 2000-05-07
Place of Birth: New York City, New York, USA
Biography: Although he appeared in approximately 100 movies or TV shows, Douglas Elton Ulman--better known as Douglas Fairbanks Jr.--never really intended to take up acting as a career. However, the environment he was born into and the circumstances naturally led him to be a thespian. Noblesse oblige. The son of future silent era swashbuckling idol 'Douglas Fairbanks' and Beth Sully--the daughter of a very wealthy cotton mogul--was born in 1909 and soon proved a gifted boy. To the end of his life he remained a multi-talented, hyperactive man, not content to appear in the 100 films mentioned above. Handsome, distinguished and extremely bright, he excelled at sports (much like his father), notably during his stay at the Military Academy in 1919 (his role in Claude Autant-Lara's "L'athl├Ęte incomplete" ... Read at TMDB.

List of Douglas Fairbanks Jr.'s Movies

The Crooked Hearts Thumbnail

The Crooked Hearts (1972)

Played as: Rex Willoughby

Released on: 1972-11-08

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Morning Glory Thumbnail

Morning Glory (1933)

Played as: Joseph Sheridan

Released on: 1933-08-18

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Ghost Story Thumbnail

Ghost Story (1981)

Played as: Edward Charles Wanderley

Released on: 1981-12-18

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Gunga Din Thumbnail

Gunga Din (1939)

Played as: Ballantine

Released on: 1939-01-24

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Little Caesar Thumbnail

Little Caesar (1931)

Played as: Joe Massara

Released on: 1931-01-09

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A Woman of Affairs Thumbnail

A Woman of Affairs (1928)

Played as: Jeffry Merrick

Released on: 1928-12-15

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Angels Over Broadway Thumbnail

Angels Over Broadway (1940)

Played as: Bill O'Brien

Released on: 1940-10-02

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Sinbad The Sailor Thumbnail

Sinbad The Sailor (1947)

Played as: Sinbad

Released on: 1947-01-13

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The Rise of Catherine the Great Thumbnail

The Rise of Catherine the Great (1934)

Played as: Grand Duke Peter

Released on: 1934-01-01

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The Corsican Brothers Thumbnail

The Corsican Brothers (1941)

Played as: Lucien Franchi / Mario Franchi

Released on: 1941-11-28

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The Rage of Paris Thumbnail

The Rage of Paris (1938)

Played as: Jim Trevor

Released on: 1938-06-09

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The Prisoner of Zenda Thumbnail

The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)

Played as: Rupert of Hentzau

Released on: 1937-09-03

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The Young in Heart Thumbnail

The Young in Heart (1938)

Played as: Richard Carleton

Released on: 1938-07-06

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Joy of Living Thumbnail

Joy of Living (1938)

Played as: Daniel 'Dan' Brewster

Released on: 1938-05-06

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Having Wonderful Time Thumbnail

Having Wonderful Time (1938)

Played as: Chick Kirkland

Released on: 1938-07-01

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Hollywood Uncensored Thumbnail

Hollywood Uncensored (1987)

Played as: Himself

Released on: 1987-01-01

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That Lady in Ermine Thumbnail

That Lady in Ermine (1948)

Played as: Colonel Ladislas Karolyi Teglas / The Duke

Released on: 1948-08-24

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The Dawn Patrol Thumbnail

The Dawn Patrol (1930)

Played as: Douglas 'Doug' Scot

Released on: 1930-08-20

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The Barker Thumbnail

The Barker (1928)

Played as: Chris Miller

Released on: 1928-12-09

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Love Is a Racket Thumbnail

Love Is a Racket (1932)

Played as: James 'Jimmy' Russell

Released on: 1932-06-18

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The Exile Thumbnail

The Exile (1947)

Played as: Charles II

Released on: 1947-10-17

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Outward Bound Thumbnail

Outward Bound (1930)

Played as: Henry

Released on: 1930-11-29

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Accused Thumbnail

Accused (1936)

Played as: Tony Seymour

Released on: 1936-12-17

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Our Modern Maidens Thumbnail

Our Modern Maidens (1929)

Played as: Gil Jordan

Released on: 1929-09-08

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Union Depot Thumbnail

Union Depot (1932)

Played as: Charles 'Chick' Miller

Released on: 1932-01-30

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Mister Drake's Duck Thumbnail

Mister Drake's Duck (1951)

Played as: Donald 'Don' Drake

Released on: 1951-09-21

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Loose Ankles Thumbnail

Loose Ankles (1930)

Played as: Gil

Released on: 1930-02-02

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Stella Dallas Thumbnail

Stella Dallas (1925)

Played as: Richard Grosvenor

Released on: 1925-11-16

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I Like Your Nerve Thumbnail

I Like Your Nerve (1931)

Played as: Larry O'Brien

Released on: 1931-09-12

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The Great Manhunt Thumbnail

The Great Manhunt (1950)

Played as: Dr. John Marlowe

Released on: 1950-09-11

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Parachute Jumper Thumbnail

Parachute Jumper (1933)

Played as: Bill Keller

Released on: 1933-01-28

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Rulers of the Sea Thumbnail

Rulers of the Sea (1939)

Played as: David 'Davie' Gillespie

Released on: 1939-11-08

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Green Hell Thumbnail

Green Hell (1940)

Played as: Keith Brandon

Released on: 1940-01-26

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Scarlet Dawn Thumbnail

Scarlet Dawn (1932)

Played as: Baron Nikita 'Nikki' Krasnoff

Released on: 1932-11-12

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Man of the Moment Thumbnail

Man of the Moment (1935)

Played as: Tony Woodward

Released on: 1935-09-01

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Captured! Thumbnail

Captured! (1933)

Played as: Lieutenant Fred Digby

Released on: 1933-08-19

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Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage Thumbnail

Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage (1983)

Played as: Himself (archive footage)

Released on: 1983-02-25

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The Power of the Press Thumbnail

The Power of the Press (1928)

Played as: Clem Rogers

Released on: 1928-10-30

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Chances Thumbnail

Chances (1931)

Played as: Jack Ingleside

Released on: 1931-07-17

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It's Tough to Be Famous Thumbnail

It's Tough to Be Famous (1932)

Played as: Scott 'Scotty' McClenahan

Released on: 1932-04-02

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The Life of Jimmy Dolan Thumbnail

The Life of Jimmy Dolan (1933)

Played as: Jimmy

Released on: 1933-06-03

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Party Girl Thumbnail

Party Girl (1930)

Played as: Jay Rountree

Released on: 1930-01-01

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The Sun Never Sets Thumbnail

The Sun Never Sets (1939)

Played as: John Randolph

Released on: 1939-05-31

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Success At Any Price Thumbnail

Success At Any Price (1934)

Played as: Joe Martin

Released on: 1934-03-16

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Safari Thumbnail

Safari (1940)

Played as: Jim Logan

Released on: 1940-06-14

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The Narrow Corner Thumbnail

The Narrow Corner (1933)

Played as: Fred Blake

Released on: 1933-07-07

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The Funniest Man in the World Thumbnail

The Funniest Man in the World (1967)

Played as: Narrator

Released on: 1967-11-13

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Show of Shows Thumbnail

Show of Shows (1929)

Played as: Ambrose in 'Bicycle Built for Two' Number

Released on: 1929-12-28

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The Forward Pass Thumbnail

The Forward Pass (1929)

Played as:

Released on: 1929-01-02

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Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star Thumbnail

Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star (2002)

Played as: Himself

Released on: 2002-08-01

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One Night at Susie's Thumbnail

One Night at Susie's (1930)

Played as: Dick Rollins

Released on: 1930-10-19

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The Amateur Gentleman Thumbnail

The Amateur Gentleman (1936)

Played as: John Beverley aka Barnabas Barty

Released on: 1936-04-26

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The Battle Over Citizen Kane Thumbnail

The Battle Over Citizen Kane (1996)

Played as: Himself

Released on: 1996-01-29

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When Thief Meets Thief Thumbnail

When Thief Meets Thief (1937)

Played as: Ricky Morgan

Released on: 1937-01-01

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An Intimate Dinner in Celebration of Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee Thumbnail

An Intimate Dinner in Celebration of Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee (1930)

Played as: Himself

Released on: 1930-08-01

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The Air Mail Thumbnail

The Air Mail (1925)

Played as:

Released on: 1925-03-15

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The Way of All Men Thumbnail

The Way of All Men (1930)

Played as: Billy Bear

Released on: 1930-09-07

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The American Venus Thumbnail

The American Venus (1926)

Played as: Triton

Released on: 1926-01-31

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Man Bait Thumbnail

Man Bait (1927)

Played as: Jeff Sanford

Released on: 1927-01-18

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Goldwyn: The Man and His Movies Thumbnail

Goldwyn: The Man and His Movies (2001)

Played as: Himself (archive footage)

Released on: 2001-10-07

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The Stolen Jools Thumbnail

The Stolen Jools (1931)

Played as: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Released on: 1931-04-04

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Strong Medicine Thumbnail

Strong Medicine (1986)

Played as: Eli Camperdown

Released on: 1986-01-01

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The Hostage Tower Thumbnail

The Hostage Tower (1980)

Played as: Malcolm Philpott

Released on: 1980-09-19

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Mary Pickford: The Muse of the Movies Thumbnail

Mary Pickford: The Muse of the Movies (2008)

Played as: Himself (archive footage)

Released on: 2008-08-29

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Mimi Thumbnail

Mimi (1935)

Played as: Rodolphe

Released on: 1935-03-28

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Wild Horse Mesa Thumbnail

Wild Horse Mesa (1925)

Played as: Chess Weymer

Released on: 1925-09-13

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