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Willy Trenk-Trebitsch

Birthday: 1902-03-11
Deathday: 1983-09-21
Place of Birth: Wien, Austria
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List of Willy Trenk-Trebitsch's Movies

Ferien in Tirol Thumbnail

Ferien in Tirol (1956)

Played as: Franz

Released on: 1956-03-07

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I'll Be Yours Thumbnail

I'll Be Yours (1947)

Played as: Captain

Released on: 1947-02-02

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The Corpse Came C.O.D. Thumbnail

The Corpse Came C.O.D. (1947)

Played as: Fields

Released on: 1947-06-02

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Heldinnen Thumbnail

Heldinnen (1960)

Played as: Ricaut

Released on: 1960-09-29

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The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler Thumbnail

The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler (1943)

Played as: Co. Von Zechwitz

Released on: 1943-09-10

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Rasputin, Demon with Women Thumbnail

Rasputin, Demon with Women (1932)

Played as: Ossipowitsch

Released on: 1932-02-19

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Inside Job Thumbnail

Inside Job (1946)

Played as: Cordet

Released on: 1946-06-14

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The Other Side Thumbnail

The Other Side (1931)

Played as: Koch

Released on: 1931-10-29

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Panic in Chicago Thumbnail

Panic in Chicago (1931)

Played as: Kriminalbeamter Charles

Released on: 1931-06-22

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