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Esme Percy

Birthday: 1887-08-08
Deathday: 1957-06-17
Place of Birth: n/a
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List of Esme Percy's Movies

Lord Edgware Dies Thumbnail

Lord Edgware Dies (1934)

Played as: Duke of Merton

Released on: 1934-08-01

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Murder! Thumbnail

Murder! (1930)

Played as: Handel Fane

Released on: 1930-07-31

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Pygmalion Thumbnail

Pygmalion (1938)

Played as: Count Aristid Karpathy

Released on: 1938-10-06

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Dead of Night Thumbnail

Dead of Night (1945)

Played as: Antiques Dealer (The Haunted Mirror)

Released on: 1945-09-04

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The Invader Thumbnail

The Invader (1936)

Played as: Jose

Released on: 1936-01-02

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Song of Freedom Thumbnail

Song of Freedom (1936)

Played as: Gabriel Donozetti

Released on: 1936-08-16

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Land Without Music Thumbnail

Land Without Music (1936)

Played as: Austrian Ambassador

Released on: 1936-10-07

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Abdul the Damned Thumbnail

Abdul the Damned (1935)

Played as: Ali, the Grand Eunuch

Released on: 1935-08-05

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It Happened in Paris Thumbnail

It Happened in Paris (1935)

Played as: Pommier

Released on: 1935-06-30

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The Amateur Gentleman Thumbnail

The Amateur Gentleman (1936)

Played as: John Townsend

Released on: 1936-04-26

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When Thief Meets Thief Thumbnail

When Thief Meets Thief (1937)

Played as: Robinson

Released on: 1937-01-01

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Love, Life and Laughter Thumbnail

Love, Life and Laughter (1934)

Played as: Goebschen

Released on: 1934-03-01

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21 Days Thumbnail

21 Days (1940)

Played as: Henry Wallen

Released on: 1940-04-29

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Bitter Sweet Thumbnail

Bitter Sweet (1933)

Played as: Hugh Devon

Released on: 1933-08-21

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Invitation To The Waltz Thumbnail

Invitation To The Waltz (1935)

Played as: Napoleon Bonaparte

Released on: 1935-01-01

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The Tell-Tale Heart Thumbnail

The Tell-Tale Heart (1939)

Played as:

Released on: 1939-01-04

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Accused Thumbnail

Accused (1936)

Played as: Morel

Released on: 1936-12-17

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Unfinished Symphony Thumbnail

Unfinished Symphony (1934)

Played as: Huettenbrenner

Released on: 1934-08-23

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Hi Gang! Thumbnail

Hi Gang! (1941)

Played as: Lord Chamberlain

Released on: 1941-12-27

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Nell Gwyn Thumbnail

Nell Gwyn (1934)

Played as: Samuel Pepys

Released on: 1934-08-01

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The Lucky Number Thumbnail

The Lucky Number (1932)

Played as: Chairman

Released on: 1932-01-01

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