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Lucie Mannheim

Birthday: 1899-04-30
Deathday: 1976-07-18
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
Biography: Lucie Mannheim (30 April 1899 – 28 July 1976) was a German singer and actress. Mannheim was born in Berlin–Köpenick where she studied drama and quickly became a popular figure appearing on stage in plays and musicals. Among other roles, she played Nora in Ibsen's A Doll's House, Marie in Büchner's Woyzeck, and Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. She also began a film career in 1923, appearing in several silent and sound films including Atlantik (1929) – the first of many versions of the story of the ill-fated RMS Titanic. The composer Walter Goetze wrote his operetta Die göttliche Jette (1931) especially for Mannheim. However, as a Jew she was obliged to stop acting in 1933, when her contract at the State Theatre was cancelled. She promptly left Germany, first to Czechos... Read at TMDB.

List of Lucie Mannheim's Movies

Bunny Lake Is Missing Thumbnail

Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965)

Played as: The cook

Released on: 1965-10-03

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The Mistress Thumbnail

The Mistress (1952)

Played as: Anna Schlüter

Released on: 1952-01-14

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Das ideale Brautpaar Thumbnail

Das ideale Brautpaar (1954)

Played as: Alwine Steingass

Released on: 1954-01-21

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Der Eiserne Gustav Thumbnail

Der Eiserne Gustav (1958)

Played as: Marie Hartmann

Released on: 1958-12-05

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The Man Who Watched Trains Go By Thumbnail

The Man Who Watched Trains Go By (1952)

Played as: Maria Popinga

Released on: 1952-12-01

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The Treasure Thumbnail

The Treasure (1923)

Played as: Beate

Released on: 1923-02-23

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Yellow Canary Thumbnail

Yellow Canary (1943)

Played as: Madame Orlock

Released on: 1943-12-13

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Madame Wants No Children Thumbnail

Madame Wants No Children (1933)

Played as: Luise

Released on: 1933-01-06

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Hotel Reserve Thumbnail

Hotel Reserve (1944)

Played as: Mme Suzanne Koch

Released on: 1944-06-01

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The High Command Thumbnail

The High Command (1937)

Played as: Diana Cloam

Released on: 1937-08-23

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Beyond the Curtain Thumbnail

Beyond the Curtain (1960)

Played as: Frau von Seefeldt

Released on: 1960-04-01

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Frauenarzt Dr. Bertram Thumbnail

Frauenarzt Dr. Bertram (1957)

Played as:

Released on: 1957-11-14

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So Little Time Thumbnail

So Little Time (1952)

Played as: Lotte Schönberg

Released on: 1952-01-01

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Danton Thumbnail

Danton (1931)

Played as: Louise Gély

Released on: 1931-01-21

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The Last Witness Thumbnail

The Last Witness (1960)

Played as: Frau Bernhardy

Released on: 1960-12-30

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Arzt aus Leidenschaft Thumbnail

Arzt aus Leidenschaft (1959)

Played as: Frau Friedberg - seine Mutter

Released on: 1959-08-20

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Confess, Dr. Corda Thumbnail

Confess, Dr. Corda (1958)

Played as: Mrs. Bieringer

Released on: 1958-05-22

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Ich und Du Thumbnail

Ich und Du (1953)

Played as: Tante Gruber

Released on: 1953-11-27

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Du darfst nicht länger schweigen Thumbnail

Du darfst nicht länger schweigen (1955)

Played as: Lobba, die Magd

Released on: 1955-10-27

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Driven from Home Thumbnail

Driven from Home (1923)

Played as: Änne

Released on: 1923-10-23

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The 39 Steps Thumbnail

The 39 Steps (1935)

Played as: Annabella Smith

Released on: 1935-06-01

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Tawny Pipit Thumbnail

Tawny Pipit (1944)

Played as: Russian Sniper

Released on: 1944-04-28

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