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Akim Tamiroff

Birthday: 1899-10-29
Deathday: 1972-09-17
Place of Birth: Tiflis, Russian Empire [now Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia]
Biography: ​ Akim Mikhailovich Tamiroff  (Russian: Аким Михайлович Тамиров; 29 October 1899 – 17 September 1972), Tiflis, Russian Empire (now Tbilisi, Georgia) was an Armenian actor. He won the first Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. He was born of Armenian ethnicity, trained at the Moscow Art Theatre drama school. He arrived in the US in 1923 on a tour with a troupe of actors and decided to stay. Tamiroff managed to develop a career in Hollywood despite his thick Russian accent. Description above from the Wikipedia article Akim Tamiroff, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia Read at TMDB.

List of Akim Tamiroff's Movies

Ocean's Eleven Thumbnail

Ocean's Eleven (1960)

Played as: Spyros Acebos

Released on: 1960-02-17

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Touch of Evil Thumbnail

Touch of Evil (1958)

Played as: 'Uncle' Joe Grandi

Released on: 1958-04-23

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The Trial Thumbnail

The Trial (1962)

Played as: Bloch

Released on: 1962-12-21

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Topkapi Thumbnail

Topkapi (1964)

Played as: Gerven the Cook

Released on: 1964-09-02

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Lord Jim Thumbnail

Lord Jim (1965)

Played as: Schomberg

Released on: 1965-02-15

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Alphaville Thumbnail

Alphaville (1965)

Played as: Henri Dickson

Released on: 1965-05-05

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Don Quixote Thumbnail

Don Quixote (1992)

Played as: Sancho Panza

Released on: 1992-01-01

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The Gangster Thumbnail

The Gangster (1947)

Played as: Nick Jammey

Released on: 1947-11-25

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The Black Tulip Thumbnail

The Black Tulip (1964)

Played as: Marquis de Vigogne

Released on: 1964-02-28

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Thumbnail

For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943)

Played as: Pablo

Released on: 1943-07-12

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The Black Sleep Thumbnail

The Black Sleep (1956)

Played as: Odo the Gypsy

Released on: 1956-06-15

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The Great McGinty Thumbnail

The Great McGinty (1940)

Played as: The Boss

Released on: 1940-08-23

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Five Graves to Cairo Thumbnail

Five Graves to Cairo (1943)

Played as: Farid

Released on: 1943-05-03

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The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek Thumbnail

The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (1944)

Played as: The Boss

Released on: 1944-01-19

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Sadie McKee Thumbnail

Sadie McKee (1934)

Played as: Riccori - Cafe Owner

Released on: 1934-05-09

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Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst Thumbnail

Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst (1957)

Played as: Colonel Peng

Released on: 1957-04-01

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The Corsican Brothers Thumbnail

The Corsican Brothers (1941)

Played as: Baron Colonna

Released on: 1941-11-28

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Union Pacific Thumbnail

Union Pacific (1939)

Played as: Fiesta

Released on: 1939-05-05

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The Lives of a Bengal Lancer Thumbnail

The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935)

Played as: Otamanu, emir of Gopal

Released on: 1935-01-11

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Fiesta Thumbnail

Fiesta (1947)

Played as: Chato Vasquez

Released on: 1947-06-12

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Mr. Arkadin Thumbnail

Mr. Arkadin (1955)

Played as: Jakob Zouk

Released on: 1955-03-01

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Anastasia Thumbnail

Anastasia (1956)

Played as: Boris Adreivich Chernov

Released on: 1956-12-13

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Reap the Wild Wind Thumbnail

Reap the Wild Wind (1942)

Played as: The Lamb (voice) (uncredited)

Released on: 1942-03-18

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His Butler's Sister Thumbnail

His Butler's Sister (1943)

Played as: Popoff

Released on: 1943-11-26

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The Soldier and the Lady Thumbnail

The Soldier and the Lady (1937)

Played as: Ivan Ogareff

Released on: 1937-04-09

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Chained Thumbnail

Chained (1934)

Played as: Pablo, the Ranch Chef

Released on: 1934-08-31

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Can't Help Singing Thumbnail

Can't Help Singing (1944)

Played as: Prince Gregory Stroganovsky

Released on: 1944-12-25

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High, Wide, and Handsome Thumbnail

High, Wide, and Handsome (1937)

Played as: Joe Varese

Released on: 1937-07-21

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Lt. Robin Crusoe U.S.N. Thumbnail

Lt. Robin Crusoe U.S.N. (1966)

Played as: Tanamashu

Released on: 1966-07-29

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North West Mounted Police Thumbnail

North West Mounted Police (1940)

Played as: Dan Duroc

Released on: 1940-10-22

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The Gay Deception Thumbnail

The Gay Deception (1935)

Played as: Spellek

Released on: 1935-09-13

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The Story of Louis Pasteur Thumbnail

The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936)

Played as: Dr. Zaranoff

Released on: 1936-02-22

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The Winning Ticket Thumbnail

The Winning Ticket (1935)

Played as: Guiseppe

Released on: 1935-02-08

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Black Magic Thumbnail

Black Magic (1949)

Played as: Gitano

Released on: 1949-08-19

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I nostri mariti Thumbnail

I nostri mariti (1966)

Played as: Cesare

Released on: 1966-08-21

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Spawn of the North Thumbnail

Spawn of the North (1938)

Played as: Red Skain

Released on: 1938-08-26

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New York Town Thumbnail

New York Town (1941)

Played as: Stefan Janowski

Released on: 1941-10-31

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Desire Thumbnail

Desire (1936)

Played as: Avilia

Released on: 1936-04-11

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Tortilla Flat Thumbnail

Tortilla Flat (1942)

Played as: Pablo

Released on: 1942-05-21

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This Way Please Thumbnail

This Way Please (1937)

Played as: Tartar Chieftain

Released on: 1937-10-15

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Honeymoon in Bali Thumbnail

Honeymoon in Bali (1939)

Played as: Tony, the Window Washer

Released on: 1939-09-29

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The Vulture Thumbnail

The Vulture (1966)

Played as: Prof. Hans Koniglich

Released on: 1966-12-23

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Dragon Seed Thumbnail

Dragon Seed (1944)

Played as: Wu Lien

Released on: 1944-07-20

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The Great Bank Robbery Thumbnail

The Great Bank Robbery (1969)

Played as: Papa (Juan's father)

Released on: 1969-09-10

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Romanoff and Juliet Thumbnail

Romanoff and Juliet (1961)

Played as: Vadim Romanoff

Released on: 1961-06-08

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The Bridge of San Luis Rey Thumbnail

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1944)

Played as: Uncle Pio

Released on: 1944-02-11

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Great Catherine Thumbnail

Great Catherine (1968)

Played as: Sergeant

Released on: 1968-11-29

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The General Died at Dawn Thumbnail

The General Died at Dawn (1936)

Played as: General Yang

Released on: 1936-09-02

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Me and the Colonel Thumbnail

Me and the Colonel (1958)

Played as: Szabuniewicz

Released on: 1958-10-01

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They Who Dare Thumbnail

They Who Dare (1954)

Played as: Capt George One

Released on: 1954-02-02

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The Buccaneer Thumbnail

The Buccaneer (1938)

Played as: Dominique You

Released on: 1938-02-04

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The Reluctant Saint Thumbnail

The Reluctant Saint (1962)

Played as: Bishop

Released on: 1962-12-03

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Hotel Paradiso Thumbnail

Hotel Paradiso (1966)

Played as: Hotel Proprietor

Released on: 1966-03-01

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A Scandal in Paris Thumbnail

A Scandal in Paris (1946)

Played as: Emile Vernet

Released on: 1946-07-19

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Clear All Wires! Thumbnail

Clear All Wires! (1933)

Played as: Hotel desk clerk

Released on: 1933-02-24

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The Magnificent Fraud Thumbnail

The Magnificent Fraud (1939)

Played as: Jules LaCroix / President Alvarado

Released on: 1939-07-19

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Here Is My Heart Thumbnail

Here Is My Heart (1934)

Played as: Manager of Hotel

Released on: 1934-12-28

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The Jungle Princess Thumbnail

The Jungle Princess (1936)

Played as: Karen Neg

Released on: 1936-12-23

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Then Came Bronson Thumbnail

Then Came Bronson (1969)

Played as: Papa Bear

Released on: 1969-03-23

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Outpost in Morocco Thumbnail

Outpost in Morocco (1949)

Played as: Lt. Glysko

Released on: 1949-05-02

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The Big Broadcast of 1936 Thumbnail

The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935)

Played as: Boris

Released on: 1935-09-20

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Go Into Your Dance Thumbnail

Go Into Your Dance (1935)

Played as: Mexican in La Cucaracha Cantina

Released on: 1935-04-20

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Marquis de Sade: Justine Thumbnail

Marquis de Sade: Justine (1969)

Played as: Du Harpin

Released on: 1969-04-03

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Desert Legion Thumbnail

Desert Legion (1953)

Played as: Pvt. Plevko

Released on: 1953-05-08

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Her Husband Lies Thumbnail

Her Husband Lies (1937)

Played as: Big Ed Bullock

Released on: 1937-03-13

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Dangerous to Know Thumbnail

Dangerous to Know (1938)

Played as: Stephan Recka

Released on: 1938-03-11

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King of Chinatown Thumbnail

King of Chinatown (1939)

Played as: Frank Baturin

Released on: 1939-03-17

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Paris Honeymoon Thumbnail

Paris Honeymoon (1939)

Played as: Mayor Peter Karloca

Released on: 1939-01-27

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The Texas Rangers Ride Again Thumbnail

The Texas Rangers Ride Again (1940)

Played as: Mio Pio

Released on: 1940-12-13

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Reckless Thumbnail

Reckless (1935)

Played as: Chef at Wedding (uncredited)

Released on: 1935-04-17

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Whom the Gods Destroy Thumbnail

Whom the Gods Destroy (1934)

Played as: Peter Korotoff

Released on: 1934-07-12

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Marco the Magnificent Thumbnail

Marco the Magnificent (1965)

Played as: The Old Man of the Mountain

Released on: 1965-08-06

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The Captain Hates the Sea Thumbnail

The Captain Hates the Sea (1934)

Played as: General Salazaro

Released on: 1934-11-02

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The Girl Who Couldn't Say No Thumbnail

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No (1968)

Played as: Uncle Egidio

Released on: 1968-09-26

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Paris in Spring Thumbnail

Paris in Spring (1935)

Played as: Cafe Manager

Released on: 1935-05-27

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The Devil's in Love Thumbnail

The Devil's in Love (1933)

Played as: Adjutant

Released on: 1933-07-21

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Panic Button Thumbnail

Panic Button (1964)

Played as: Pandowski

Released on: 1964-04-10

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You Know What Sailors Are Thumbnail

You Know What Sailors Are (1954)

Played as:

Released on: 1954-02-09

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China Seas Thumbnail

China Seas (1935)

Played as: Romanoff

Released on: 1935-08-16

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Storm at Daybreak Thumbnail

Storm at Daybreak (1933)

Played as: Gypsy Fiddler

Released on: 1933-06-14

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Seduction Of The South Thumbnail

Seduction Of The South (1961)

Played as: O Zingaro

Released on: 1961-12-16

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Now and Forever Thumbnail

Now and Forever (1934)

Played as: French Jeweller

Released on: 1934-08-31

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Untamed Thumbnail

Untamed (1940)

Played as: Joe Easter

Released on: 1940-10-04

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The Great Gambini Thumbnail

The Great Gambini (1937)

Played as: The Great Gambini

Released on: 1937-06-24

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Ride A Crooked Mile Thumbnail

Ride A Crooked Mile (1938)

Played as: Mike Balan

Released on: 1938-12-09

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A Rose for Everyone Thumbnail

A Rose for Everyone (1967)

Played as: Basilio

Released on: 1967-01-18

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Pardon My Past Thumbnail

Pardon My Past (1945)

Played as: Jim Arnold

Released on: 1945-12-24

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The Liquidator Thumbnail

The Liquidator (1965)

Played as: Sheriek

Released on: 1965-01-01

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Relentless Thumbnail

Relentless (1948)

Played as: Joe Faringo

Released on: 1948-06-15

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The Bacchantes Thumbnail

The Bacchantes (1961)

Played as: Teiresias

Released on: 1961-03-02

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Invasion 1700 Thumbnail

Invasion 1700 (1962)

Played as: Mielski Zasloba

Released on: 1962-07-14

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Woman Trap Thumbnail

Woman Trap (1936)

Played as: Joe Ramirez de la Valle

Released on: 1936-03-06

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King of Gamblers Thumbnail

King of Gamblers (1937)

Played as: Steve Kalkas

Released on: 1937-04-22

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Breakdowns of 1936 Thumbnail

Breakdowns of 1936 (1936)

Played as: Himself

Released on: 1936-12-30

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Queen Christina Thumbnail

Queen Christina (1933)

Played as: Pedro (uncredited)

Released on: 1933-12-26

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A Man Called Amen Thumbnail

A Man Called Amen (1968)

Played as: Pigsty / Dean Light

Released on: 1968-11-22

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After the Fox Thumbnail

After the Fox (1966)

Played as: Okra

Released on: 1966-01-01

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The Way of All Flesh Thumbnail

The Way of All Flesh (1940)

Played as: Paul Kriza

Released on: 1940-07-05

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The Last Judgment Thumbnail

The Last Judgment (1961)

Played as: Play director

Released on: 1961-10-26

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Gabriel Over the White House Thumbnail

Gabriel Over the White House (1933)

Played as: Delegate to the Debt Conference (uncredited)

Released on: 1933-03-31

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