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Una O'Connor

Birthday: 1880-10-23
Deathday: 1959-02-04
Place of Birth: Belfast, Ireland, UK [now Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK]
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List of Una O'Connor's Movies

Bride of Frankenstein Thumbnail

Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Played as: Minnie

Released on: 1935-04-21

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The Invisible Man Thumbnail

The Invisible Man (1933)

Played as: Jenny Hall

Released on: 1933-11-13

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The Adventures of Robin Hood Thumbnail

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

Played as: Bess

Released on: 1938-05-13

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Random Harvest Thumbnail

Random Harvest (1942)

Played as: Tobacconist

Released on: 1942-12-17

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Little Lord Fauntleroy Thumbnail

Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936)

Played as: Mary

Released on: 1936-03-06

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Murder! Thumbnail

Murder! (1930)

Played as: Mrs. Grogram

Released on: 1930-07-31

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The Bells of St. Mary's Thumbnail

The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)

Played as: Mrs. Breen

Released on: 1945-12-27

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The Sea Hawk Thumbnail

The Sea Hawk (1940)

Played as: Miss Latham

Released on: 1940-07-01

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Adventures of Don Juan Thumbnail

Adventures of Don Juan (1948)

Played as: Duenna

Released on: 1948-12-01

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Christmas in Connecticut Thumbnail

Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

Played as: Norah

Released on: 1945-12-17

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Witness for the Prosecution Thumbnail

Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

Played as: Janet McKenzie

Released on: 1957-12-17

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Personal Property Thumbnail

Personal Property (1937)

Played as: Clara, Crystal's Maid

Released on: 1937-03-19

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The Informer Thumbnail

The Informer (1935)

Played as: Mrs. McPhillip

Released on: 1935-05-09

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Ivy Thumbnail

Ivy (1947)

Played as: Mrs. Thrawn

Released on: 1947-06-26

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This Land Is Mine Thumbnail

This Land Is Mine (1943)

Played as: Mrs. Emma Lory

Released on: 1943-05-07

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It All Came True Thumbnail

It All Came True (1940)

Played as: Maggie Ryan

Released on: 1940-04-06

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Chained Thumbnail

Chained (1934)

Played as: Amy, Diane's Maid

Released on: 1934-08-31

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The Canterville Ghost Thumbnail

The Canterville Ghost (1944)

Played as: Mrs. Umney

Released on: 1944-07-28

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Unexpected Guest Thumbnail

Unexpected Guest (1947)

Played as: Matilda Hackett

Released on: 1947-03-28

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Cluny Brown Thumbnail

Cluny Brown (1946)

Played as: Madame Wilson

Released on: 1946-05-01

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Lloyd's of London Thumbnail

Lloyd's of London (1936)

Played as: Widow Blake

Released on: 1936-11-25

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Government Girl Thumbnail

Government Girl (1943)

Played as: Mrs. Harris

Released on: 1943-11-05

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Cavalcade Thumbnail

Cavalcade (1933)

Played as: Ellen Bridges

Released on: 1933-02-08

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The Strawberry Blonde Thumbnail

The Strawberry Blonde (1941)

Played as: Mrs. Mulcahey

Released on: 1941-02-22

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Three Girls About Town Thumbnail

Three Girls About Town (1941)

Played as: Maggie O'Callahan, scrubwoman

Released on: 1941-10-23

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Always in My Heart Thumbnail

Always in My Heart (1942)

Played as: Angie

Released on: 1942-03-14

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Pleasure Cruise Thumbnail

Pleasure Cruise (1933)

Played as: Mrs. Signus

Released on: 1933-04-01

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The Corpse Came C.O.D. Thumbnail

The Corpse Came C.O.D. (1947)

Played as: Nora

Released on: 1947-06-02

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Of Human Bondage Thumbnail

Of Human Bondage (1946)

Played as: Mrs. Foreman

Released on: 1946-07-20

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Holy Matrimony Thumbnail

Holy Matrimony (1943)

Played as: Sarah Leek

Released on: 1943-08-24

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Call It a Day Thumbnail

Call It a Day (1937)

Played as: Mrs. Elkins

Released on: 1937-04-17

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Stingaree Thumbnail

Stingaree (1934)

Played as: Annie

Released on: 1934-05-24

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Child of Divorce Thumbnail

Child of Divorce (1946)

Played as: Nora

Released on: 1946-10-14

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We Are Not Alone Thumbnail

We Are Not Alone (1939)

Played as: Susan O'Connor, Newcome's Maid

Released on: 1939-11-25

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Mary Stevens M.D. Thumbnail

Mary Stevens M.D. (1933)

Played as: Mrs. Arnell Simmons

Released on: 1933-07-22

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The Poor Rich Thumbnail

The Poor Rich (1934)

Played as: Lady Fetherstone

Released on: 1934-02-25

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Kisses for Breakfast Thumbnail

Kisses for Breakfast (1941)

Played as: Ellie

Released on: 1941-07-05

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My Pal Wolf Thumbnail

My Pal Wolf (1944)

Played as: Mrs. Blevin

Released on: 1944-09-25

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Father Brown, Detective Thumbnail

Father Brown, Detective (1934)

Played as: Mrs. Boggs

Released on: 1934-12-14

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Rose Marie Thumbnail

Rose Marie (1936)

Played as: Anna

Released on: 1936-01-31

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Lost Honeymoon Thumbnail

Lost Honeymoon (1947)

Played as: Mrs. Tubbs

Released on: 1947-03-29

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Banjo Thumbnail

Banjo (1947)

Played as: Harriet

Released on: 1947-05-15

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David Copperfield Thumbnail

David Copperfield (1935)

Played as: Mrs. Gummidge

Released on: 1935-01-18

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Fighting Father Dunne Thumbnail

Fighting Father Dunne (1948)

Played as: Miss O'Rourke

Released on: 1948-05-12

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Horse Play Thumbnail

Horse Play (1933)

Played as: Clementia

Released on: 1933-06-01

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Lillian Russell Thumbnail

Lillian Russell (1940)

Played as: Marie

Released on: 1940-05-24

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The Perfect Gentleman Thumbnail

The Perfect Gentleman (1935)

Played as: Harriet Chatteris

Released on: 1935-11-22

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Dark Red Roses Thumbnail

Dark Red Roses (1929)

Played as: Mrs Weeks

Released on: 1929-10-01

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Thunder in the Night Thumbnail

Thunder in the Night (1935)

Played as: Julie, Hotel Maid

Released on: 1935-09-20

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The Return of Monte Cristo Thumbnail

The Return of Monte Cristo (1946)

Played as: Miss Beedle

Released on: 1946-12-19

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The Plough and the Stars Thumbnail

The Plough and the Stars (1936)

Played as: Mrs. Gogan

Released on: 1936-12-26

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He Stayed for Breakfast Thumbnail

He Stayed for Breakfast (1940)

Played as: Doreta

Released on: 1940-08-31

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Forever and a Day Thumbnail

Forever and a Day (1943)

Played as: Mrs. Caroline Ismay

Released on: 1943-01-21

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My Favorite Spy Thumbnail

My Favorite Spy (1942)

Played as: Cora

Released on: 1942-06-12

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All Women Have Secrets Thumbnail

All Women Have Secrets (1939)

Played as: Mary

Released on: 1939-12-15

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