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Duncan Renaldo

Birthday: 1904-04-23
Deathday: 1980-09-03
Place of Birth: n/a
Biography: To most audiences, Duncan Renaldo will always be identified as film and TV's "The Cisco Kid." However, this role occurred late in his career, which consisted of much more than just this western character. Not much is known about Renaldo's early life. In fact, his date and place of birth is still questioned. The usual given birth date is April 23, 1904. His birthplace has been generally stated as Spain--he has said that his first memories as a child were in Spain--although Romania and even New Jersey have been mentioned as well. An orphan, he never knew his actual parents and was never able to ascertain the exact date and place of his birth. He was raised and educated in various European countries and arrived in the US in the early 1920s as a stoker on a Brazilian coal ship. Ente... Read at TMDB.

List of Duncan Renaldo's Movies

The Capture Thumbnail

The Capture (1950)

Played as: Carlos

Released on: 1950-04-08

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Outlaws of the Desert Thumbnail

Outlaws of the Desert (1941)

Played as: Sheik Suleiman

Released on: 1941-11-01

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Hands Across the Border Thumbnail

Hands Across the Border (1944)

Played as: Juan Morales

Released on: 1944-01-05

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Trader Horn Thumbnail

Trader Horn (1931)

Played as: Peru

Released on: 1931-05-23

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South of the Border Thumbnail

South of the Border (1939)

Played as: Andreo Mendoza

Released on: 1939-12-15

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Spawn of the North Thumbnail

Spawn of the North (1938)

Played as: Ivan

Released on: 1938-08-26

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Rebellion Thumbnail

Rebellion (1936)

Played as: Ricardo Castillo

Released on: 1936-10-27

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Down Mexico Way Thumbnail

Down Mexico Way (1941)

Played as: Juan

Released on: 1941-10-15

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San Antonio Kid Thumbnail

San Antonio Kid (1944)

Played as: Johnny Bennett aka San Antonio Kid

Released on: 1944-08-16

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The Moth Thumbnail

The Moth (1934)

Played as: Don Pedro

Released on: 1934-01-14

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The Bridge of San Luis Rey Thumbnail

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1929)

Played as: Esteban

Released on: 1929-03-30

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Zorro Rides Again Thumbnail

Zorro Rides Again (1937)

Played as: Renaldo

Released on: 1937-11-20

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Heroes of the Saddle Thumbnail

Heroes of the Saddle (1940)

Played as: Rico

Released on: 1940-12-01

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Special Agent K-7 Thumbnail

Special Agent K-7 (1936)

Played as: Tony Blank

Released on: 1936-05-04

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Lady Luck Thumbnail

Lady Luck (1936)

Played as: Tony Morelli

Released on: 1936-09-13

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Ten Laps to Go Thumbnail

Ten Laps to Go (1936)

Played as: Eddie DeSylva

Released on: 1936-12-05

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Jungle Flight Thumbnail

Jungle Flight (1947)

Played as: Police Captain Costa

Released on: 1947-08-22

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Covered Wagon Days Thumbnail

Covered Wagon Days (1940)

Played as: Rico Rinaldo

Released on: 1940-04-22

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King of the Texas Rangers Thumbnail

King of the Texas Rangers (1941)

Played as: Lt. Pedro Garcia

Released on: 1941-10-03

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Sky Racket Thumbnail

Sky Racket (1937)

Played as: Count Barksi

Released on: 1937-10-01

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Jungle Menace Thumbnail

Jungle Menace (1937)

Played as: Armand Roget

Released on: 1937-09-01

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Gauchos of El Dorado Thumbnail

Gauchos of El Dorado (1941)

Played as: Gaucho / José Ojara

Released on: 1941-10-24

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Oklahoma Renegades Thumbnail

Oklahoma Renegades (1940)

Played as: Rico Rinaldo

Released on: 1940-08-29

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Cowboys from Texas Thumbnail

Cowboys from Texas (1939)

Played as: Rico Rinaldo

Released on: 1939-11-29

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Pioneers of the West Thumbnail

Pioneers of the West (1940)

Played as: Rico

Released on: 1940-03-12

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The Cisco Kid Returns Thumbnail

The Cisco Kid Returns (1945)

Played as: Cisco Kid

Released on: 1945-02-16

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Moonlight Murder Thumbnail

Moonlight Murder (1936)

Played as: Pedro

Released on: 1936-03-27

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The Tiger Woman Thumbnail

The Tiger Woman (1944)

Played as: José Delgado

Released on: 1944-05-27

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Two Minutes to Play Thumbnail

Two Minutes to Play (1936)

Played as: Lew Ashley

Released on: 1936-11-02

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The Lone Ranger Rides Again Thumbnail

The Lone Ranger Rides Again (1939)

Played as: Juan Vasquez

Released on: 1939-02-25

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Bad Men of Missouri Thumbnail

Bad Men of Missouri (1941)

Played as: Dan

Released on: 1941-07-26

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Rough Riders' Round-up Thumbnail

Rough Riders' Round-up (1939)

Played as: Alcalde Don Enriguez

Released on: 1939-03-13

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Sword of the Avenger Thumbnail

Sword of the Avenger (1948)

Played as: Fernando

Released on: 1948-06-02

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Mile a Minute Love Thumbnail

Mile a Minute Love (1937)

Played as: Count Ribalto

Released on: 1937-04-05

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Rose of the Rio Grande Thumbnail

Rose of the Rio Grande (1938)

Played as: Sebastian

Released on: 1938-03-15

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South of Panama Thumbnail

South of Panama (1941)

Played as: Captain of Police

Released on: 1941-05-02

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In Old New Mexico Thumbnail

In Old New Mexico (1945)

Played as: Cisco Kid

Released on: 1945-05-15

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The Gay Amigo Thumbnail

The Gay Amigo (1949)

Played as: The Cisco Kid

Released on: 1949-05-13

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A Yank In Libya Thumbnail

A Yank In Libya (1942)

Played as: Sheik David

Released on: 1942-07-24

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Tiger Fangs Thumbnail

Tiger Fangs (1943)

Played as: Peter Jeremy

Released on: 1943-09-10

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The Kansas Terrors Thumbnail

The Kansas Terrors (1939)

Played as: Renaldo

Released on: 1939-10-05

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Rocky Mountain Rangers Thumbnail

Rocky Mountain Rangers (1940)

Played as: Rico

Released on: 1940-05-24

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Gaucho Serenade Thumbnail

Gaucho Serenade (1940)

Played as: Gaucho Don José

Released on: 1940-05-09

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Trapped in Tia Juana Thumbnail

Trapped in Tia Juana (1932)

Played as: Lt. Kenneth Holbert / El Zorro

Released on: 1932-08-14

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Thumbnail

For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943)

Played as: Lt. Berrendo

Released on: 1943-07-12

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The Daring Caballero Thumbnail

The Daring Caballero (1949)

Played as: The Cisco Kid

Released on: 1949-06-13

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Call of the South Seas Thumbnail

Call of the South Seas (1944)

Played as: Commissioner Charcot

Released on: 1944-04-07

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The Fighting Seabees Thumbnail

The Fighting Seabees (1944)

Played as: Construction Worker at Party

Released on: 1944-01-27

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The Girl from San Lorenzo Thumbnail

The Girl from San Lorenzo (1950)

Played as: The Cisco Kid

Released on: 1950-02-24

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The Painted Stallion Thumbnail

The Painted Stallion (1937)

Played as: Zamorro

Released on: 1937-06-05

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King of the Mounties Thumbnail

King of the Mounties (1942)

Played as: Pierre (Ch. 1, 11-12)

Released on: 1942-10-17

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Sheriff of Sundown Thumbnail

Sheriff of Sundown (1944)

Played as: Chihuahua Ramírez

Released on: 1944-11-07

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South of the Rio Grande Thumbnail

South of the Rio Grande (1945)

Played as: The Cisco Kid

Released on: 1945-09-15

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The Valiant Hombre Thumbnail

The Valiant Hombre (1948)

Played as: Cisco Kid

Released on: 1948-12-15

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Satan's Cradle Thumbnail

Satan's Cradle (1949)

Played as: Cisco Kid

Released on: 1949-10-06

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Border Patrol Thumbnail

Border Patrol (1943)

Played as: Commandante

Released on: 1943-04-02

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