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Åke Engfeldt

Birthday: 1913-11-01
Deathday: 1977-03-13
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Biography: Sorry, there is no bio found at this time. Read at TMDB.

List of Åke Engfeldt's Movies

Without a Stitch Thumbnail

Without a Stitch (1968)

Played as: Bengt - sminkør

Released on: 1968-09-01

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General von Döbeln Thumbnail

General von Döbeln (1942)

Played as: Lieutenant Hofsten

Released on: 1942-10-26

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Karl för sin hatt Thumbnail

Karl för sin hatt (1940)

Played as: Krister

Released on: 1940-08-23

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Flottans kavaljerer Thumbnail

Flottans kavaljerer (1948)

Played as: Navy officer

Released on: 1948-12-25

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Kristin kommenderar Thumbnail

Kristin kommenderar (1946)

Played as: Rundqvist

Released on: 1946-09-02

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En sjöman i frack Thumbnail

En sjöman i frack (1942)

Played as: Journalist

Released on: 1942-02-22

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Snurriga familjen Thumbnail

Snurriga familjen (1940)

Played as: Torsten Rosén

Released on: 1940-08-18

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Tre piger fra Jylland Thumbnail

Tre piger fra Jylland (1957)

Played as:

Released on: 1957-03-11

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Som folk är mest Thumbnail

Som folk är mest (1944)

Played as: Axel

Released on: 1944-09-09

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We Home Toilers Thumbnail

We Home Toilers (1942)

Played as: Cadet Furustubbe

Released on: 1942-04-04

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Åh en så'n grabb Thumbnail

Åh en så'n grabb (1939)

Played as: Kurre Lindberg

Released on: 1939-10-25

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Lidelse Thumbnail

Lidelse (1945)

Played as: Pedro, actor

Released on: 1945-08-13

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